AGRO-BUSINESS – Farming, Food Processing & Distribution Projects

1. Fish Processing, Cold Storage & Distribution Project:

The project estimated to cost about $6.57 million through $9.60 million, will be capable of processing 10-12 tons per 12 hour day of Fresh Fish (Tilapia, Grouper & Catfish), Pink & Grey Shrimps and Crawfish.

The overall goal of the project is to establish a Pre-Engineered Processing Facility in Coastal Fishing Communities that will be capable of processing Fresh Fish, Crawfish and Shrimps purchased from local Fisherman and Fishing Cooperatives for processing and distribution through a Network of ten (10) Fish Shops to be located throughout various markets. The project will also incorporate Smokehouse Equipment capable of producing Smoked Fish & Crawfish Products for International and Local sales.

The project will not be involved in fishing or fish trawling but will provide opportunity to Fishermen that are compelled to smoke dry the day's catch as a means of preservation, while leftover fresh fish are normally sold in local markets at give away prices to avoid spoilage. The project will ensure proper care in cleaning, handling and packaging the fish, thereby eliminating the fish from spoilage and supply a consistent source of high quality fresh fish free from contamination.

Main Processing Facility:

  • 14,000 sq. ft. Pre-Engineered Project Building with 6,000 sq. ft. Refrigerated     Warehouse, Cold Storage and Refrigeration System, Fish, Crawfish & Shrimp
  • Packaging & Processing Equipment, Standby Power Plant, Industrial Ice     Production Equipment, 5 x 2.5 Ton Refrigerated Trucks, Tools and Accessories     and 3,500 sq. ft. Wholesale & Retail Fish Market attached to the facility.

  • Ten (10) x 1,500 sq. ft. Pre-Engineered Fish Shops, each complete with 20 ft.     containerized Cold Storage, Refrigerated Counters & Industrial Freezers, as well as     portable Power Generators
  • Smokehouse Equipment
  • Delivery Support Boats.
  • Industrial Walk-in Coolers and Freezers
  • Walk-in Coolers, Freezers and Refrigeration Units:

    2. Meat Processing and Packing Plant:

    The Meat Processing and Packing Plant will process a mixed quantity of Cattle, Goats and Pigs to be sourced from the local heads. The project’s main products line will include Processed Beef Cuts as primal and sub wraps, showing different parts of the meats like Steaks, Middle Meats, etc. Other meat products to be produced will include Goat Meat Cuts, Pork and Pig Meat Cuts, Bacon and Sausage Products, Tenderized and Smoked Meat Parts, etc.

    The meat products will be packed in preprinted vacuum-sealed packages under modified atmospheres to retard microbiological spoilage and prevent discoloration of products. The products will be stored in the Plant’s Cold Storage and Refrigeration Systems and distributed to supermarkets utilizing three (3) 20-ton Refrigerated Delivery Trucks initially.

    The Plants, Machinery and Equipment list include:

    • Pre-Engineered Administrative Building
    • Pre-Engineered Metal Factory Building, complete with Slaughter & Processing Equipment
    • Bone Grinding - Boiler Building.
    • Cold Storage and Refrigeration Systems
    • Smokehouse, Sausage and Bacon Processing Equipment
    • Tenderization & Sterilization Equipment
    • Processing and Freeze Packing Equipment
    • Meat Packaging Equipment & Accessories
    • Pre-Printed Packing Materials and Sanitation Equipment
    • 1,000KVA Standby Electric Power Generators
    • 2x1 Forklift Truck
    • 3 x 20-ton Refrigerated Trucks
    • Water Bore Hole Pumps & Tanks, etc.

    Estimated Cost: CIF of Plant, Machinery and Equipment, Installation and Start-up: From $5.8 million.

    3. Fruit Juice Processing Plant:

    A 20-30 ton per day Fruit Juice Processing Facility can process and package up to 3,000 liter/hr. of various Juices and Spring Grade Water, bottled and packed in PET and or Pouch Systems.

    The system will be designed to wash, prepare and juice a range of citrus and tropical fruits, blow heat set bottles from pre-forms, blending of fortified water and juice based products, flash pasteurization and sanitizing of the filling system, bottles and caps. The system will accommodate 0.5 and 0.75-liter PET bottles with 28mm screw caps or Pouch Drinking System.

    Drinking Water Treatment:

  • Sand, active carbon, 5.0 micron, 1.0 micron, 0.1 micron, filters, UV sterilization and Ozonation systems will be supplied for water treatment, plant distribution and bottling.

  • Oxine dosing system for water sanitizing prior to packaging.

  • 4 x 60 Hl polyethylene holding tanks with distribution pump and control.

    Raw Fruit Processing Equipment:

  • Raw Fruit Bins and Hydraulic Handling System.
  • Continuous integrated first stage belt washing unit with recirculating water filter and     Oxine sanitizer dosing system.
  • Four station inspection table with 8 bins and spray bar.
  • Continuous integrated second stage belt washing unit with recirculating water filter     and Oxine sanitizer dosing system.
  • Inclined conveyor and remanufactured fruit "chunker" system with variable speed     slicing blades and crushing rollers to expose fruit without damaging stones or     seeds.
  • Take off conveyor for the pulping unit and Side feed screw for pulping.
  • Raw fruit pulping system with anti-oxidation kit.
  • Acid dosing and pH balance system for the pulp.
  • Pulp finishing system for high quality, clean single juice output.
  • Other equipment include blanching, pressing, filtering and process line separation     equipment for the various fruits.

    Juice Processing Equipment:

  • 2 x 60 Hl raw Juice Holding Tanks with agitators, glycol jacket and cladding and     Juice concentrate drum handling and dispensing system.
  • In-line blending system complete with 15 Hl. batching tank and two 30 Hl. packaging     holding tanks.

  • Single tank CIP/SIP system with Oxine activation unit for cleaning and sanitizing     process lines and tanks.
  • Product transfer hoses for the juice processing area.
  • Stainless steel hose and bottle cap sanitizing bath.
  • “PurePass” "Hot Fill" pasteurization system rated at 30 Hl/Hr for non-carbonated     products complete with feed tank, filler supply tank and CIP/SIP system.
  • Oxine activation units to allow the high strength, activated Oxine (4,000 ppm plus),     to be used throughout the plant at different concentration levels for sanitizing.
  • Stretch blow moulding machine for 6,000 BPH with automatic pre-form feeder and     hopper, heat exchanger, chiller, compressors, air distribution and filter package.
  • Two sets - Moulds for 0.5 and 0.75 liter PET bottles with 28mm caps.

  • PET Bottle Rinser, Filler and 28 mm. screw capping system for juice hot fill and non-    carbonated water packaging.
  • Filler frame and shroud for sterile filling operations.
  • Pre-rinse unit and Rotary feed table & Slat band chain infeed conveyor
  • Slat band chain discharge conveyor & Glue wrap around labeler
  • Shrink wrapper, Tray conveyors, and Ink jet printer
  • In-feed and discharge interface and build back control.

    Pouch Packaging System and Equipment capable of producing up to 7,200 pouches an hour at 100% efficiency:

  • Pouch filling system for 250 ml. plastic film pouches for water and juice products.
  • Discharge conveyor and full pouch hopper.

    Utilities & QC Equipment:

  • 1x 40 ft. reefer box and 3 Ton chiller unit for raw juice storage tanks to chill the juice     for storage
  • 50 HP Steam Boiler With condensate returns and blow down tank
  • Utilities pipe work and fittings for connecting to the process and packaging plant
  • Laboratory equipment for in-plant QA for bottled water and juice analysis
  • Control and Spare parts for 1 year operation

    Estimated Cost - CIF, Installation and Start-up: From $10.87 million.

    4. Water Bottling & Soft Drink Production Plant:

    The Plant will be capable of bottling 56,000 Gallons of Processed Water per day packed in .5, 1 & 5 Liter Bottles as well as produce Carbonated Soft Dinks in different flavors, packed in 12oz & 24oz PET Bottles.

    Water Bottling Plants, Machinery and Equipment List:

  • Water Treatment Equipment with State-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis System &     Bottling Line
  • Water Bacteria Protection System
  • 5 Liter + Washer and Filler
  • Dual Tank Commercial Multimedia Filter:

  • Dual Tank Commercial Carbon Filter & Anti Scalent Injection System
  • Purified Water Storage Tanks & Ozone Disinfections Systems:
  • Small Bottle Packaging System & Shrink Wrapping System
  • Automatic Bottle Unscrambler & Case Packer
  • Cleanroom Air Filtration and Pressurization System
  • Blow Molding System & Standard Test Equipment Package
  • PET Plastic Bottle Production Line - .5, 1 and 5 Liter Bottles
  • Water Bottle Molds:

    Soft Drinks (Soda) Production Line:

  • Carbon Dioxide Carbonation Machine:


  • Modular Steel Factory Building - 80’x 100’x25’
  • 1,000 KVA Caterpillar Standby Power Plants

    Estimated Cost- CIF, Installation of Plants, Machinery and Equipment, Training and Start-up: From $3.84 million.

    5. Micro Brewery Plant:

    Micro Brewery Plant with annual capacity of 15,000 Hectoliters designed to produce Lager Beer, Malted Beverages, Bottled Water and Soft Drinks (soda), with minimum consolidated daily production broken down to:

    2,982/22 oz Bottles of Beer per day
    5,352/12 oz Bottles of Beer per day
    3,894/12 oz Bottles of Malt per day
    1,200/12oz Bottles of Mixed Soft Drinks per day
    1,200/12oz Bottles of Mixed Diet Soft Drinks per day

    Production Plants, Machinery & Support Equipment List:

  • Malt Handling and Milling Equipment:
  • Brewhouse Equipment
  • Cellar Equipment , Valves and Fittings
  • Packaging/Racking System
  • Lab Equipment
  • Bottle Filling Equipment
  • Keg Filling and Cleaning Equipment
  • Tunnel Pasteurizer
  • Glycol System Piping and Control
  • Steam System Piping and Controls
  • Keg – Washing & Filling Machines
  • Fermenting and Storage Tanks
  • Water Filtration Equipment
  • Level Gauge and Air compressor
  • Yeast Propagation Plant, Tank and Control System
  • K Mash & Wort Kettle

  • Kettle Drive (Overhead Drive) & Steel Furnace
  • Natural Gas or Diesel Burner & Conical Kettle Dome
  • Inner Light Fixture & Sprinkling Pipe
  • Whirlpool & Accessories , Steam Condensing Pipe
  • CIP-Unit , Hot Water Tank ,Steam Heated Heat Exchanger
  • 12-Head Bottling Line
  • Power Plant
  • Project Building

    Estimated Cost: CIF, Installation, Training and Start-up: From $7.15 million.

    6. Commercial Cassava Farming and Processing Project:

    The Integrated Cassava Cultivation and Processing Project will be designed as a viable commercial enterprise to utilize available farmland to cultivate Cassava, which has very high secondary product demand as industrial raw materials, apart from domestic consumption demand of various Cassava Food Products.

    A Processing Unit will be designed to process 100 to 500 Tons per day of Raw Cassava into Industrial / Commercial Starch and other mixed products of Flour, Garri, Chips, Pellets, Animal Feed and or Glucose Syrup/Powder. The Cassava Farming aspect of the project will be capable of employing over 3,000 workers and cultivate from 500 through 1,000 hectares of farmland.

    Applications of Cassava (Tapioca) Starch in Food and Non-Food Industries include:

  • Filler - Increasing the content of solids in canned soups, ice creams, fruit preserves,     pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Binder - Binding the products and preventing drying during cooking as in sausages     and meat preserves, etc.
  • Stabilizer - Using the high water-holding capacity as in ice creams, baking     powders, etc.
  • Textile - Size for warp threads to reduce warp breaks and shredding on looms.     Printing Starch to thicken dyes and act as carrier for color. Finishing Starch to     improve stiffness and weight (Native or Oxidized Starch).
  • Thickener - Using the paste properties, as in soup, baby food, sauces & gravies.
  • Paper - To improve strength, increase resistance to folding, etc, and on surface to     improve appearance and resistance. For corrugated and laminated paper and     paper board box.
        As Binder For Industrial Uses - Ceiling board, Gypsum board, Feedstuff (Aquafeed     and Livestock Feeds).
  • Other Industrial Uses - Decomposable Plastic Bags, Tire Industry, as Glue for     Plywood Industry and Detergents.

    Processing Plants and Machinery include:

  • Weighing Scales
  • Root Washing , Burner and Automatic Washing Machine
  • Chopping & Rasping Equipment & Washing Tower and Desanding Equipment
  • Cassava Peeling Machine & Automatic Chipping System Machine
  • Starch Extraction and Pulp Dewatering
  • Starch Concentration and Fine Fiber Sieving
  • De-Hydrating Line & Pulp Dewatering Sieve; Washing Tanks and Packaging Bags
  • Grinding Machine & Extraction/pulp dewatering Unit
  • Concentration Line & Starch washing & Dewatering Equipment
  • Drying and Bagging - Pneumatic Flash Dryer
  • Concentration & Refining Unit , Feed hopper & Discharge belt conveyor
  • Inclined belt conveyor , Dry cleaning drum & Peel Water Pump
  • Horizontal, Screw Chopper, Inclined belt conveyor & Feed hopper

    Estimated Cost: Cassava Farming Project (Cultivation of +500 Hectares): From $5.75 million.

    Estimated Cost: Cassava Processing Plant of 100 tons to 500 tons per day covering CIF, Installation, Training, & Start-up: From $4.97 million through $13.16 million.

    7. Plantain, Cassava and Potato Chips/Flakes Production Plant:

    The Plant will be designed to process up to 6,500lbs/hr of mixed Raw Materials of Plantain, Cassava and Potato into Chips and Flake Products, packaged in 6oz to 20oz Pre-Printed Packs.

    Plantain Chips:

    Cassava Chips: Potato Chips:


    Estimated Cost: CIF, Installation, Training and Start-up: From: $3.2million.

    8. Canned Tomato Paste Manufacturing Plant

    Canned Tomato Paste Manufacturing Project capable of processing between 2,500 to 6,000 metric tons of Tomato into Canned Tomato Paste Products.

    A small scale plant capable of producing 30-40 (12oz/340grams) Cans of Tomato Paste per minute is estimated to cost $7.37 million, including Processing Plants & Machinery, Pre-Engineered Factory Building and Standby Power Plant

    A medium scale plant capable of producing 90-100 (12oz/340grams) Cans of Tomato Paste per minute is estimated to cost $11.38 million, including Processing Plants & Machinery, Pre-Engineered Factory Building and Standby Power Plant.

    The Tomato Paste Making Machinery includes:

  • Washing & Sorting Line
  • Elevator for Fruit, Crusher
  • De-Pulper & Pre-Heating Unit
  • Buffer Tank & Vacuum Evaporator
  • Storage Tank
  • Hot Kneader -Rotary tank & Automatic Filler

    Can Making Line:

  • Automatic Sheet Feeding Machine
  • Automatic Tandem Slitters
  • Cutter Grinder Machine & Outside Lacquer Coating Machine
  • Automatic Flanging Machine & Automatic End Seamer
  • Magnetic Elevator & Automatic Body Conveyor
  • Body Welder , Generator, Exhaust Box
  • Auto-Seamer, Automatic Can Pasteurizer
  • Coller Empty Can Feeding Equipment
  • Pipe for Juice Conveyor , Hygienic System, Conveyor System
  • Small Tomato Packing System
  • Automatic Sheet Feeding Machine with Oiling Device
  • Automatic Gang Slitter & Automatic Strip Feed Pres with Mould
  • Automatic Curling Machine & Connecting Conveyor
  • Automatic Lining/Drying Machine & Horizontal End Stacker

    9. Fish, Shrimp & Crawfish Trawling Project:

    Available U.S. manufactured and Pre-Owned fully refurbished Fish, Shrimp/Crawfish Trawlers are in average of 8-15 years old and powered by engines of various models, max speed of 20-40 knots, complete with Navigation / Radio Equipment, GPS Fish/Shrimp Finders, Crew Cabins, Refrigerated Fish/Shrimp Holds and Fiberglass Work Area on Deck. Estimated Cost: Including Cost of Pre-owned Vessel, Refurbishing & Training From $1.24 million through $9.23 million.