OIL, GAS AND POWER PROJECTS – Modular Oil Refineries, Gas Gathering & Processing Plants, Downstream Petrochemical and Power Projects

1. Mini Refinery & Portable Crude Oil Distillation Plant:
The Mini Refinery & Portable Crude Oil Distillation Plant is capable of processing from 2,000 Barrels Per Day (BPD) of any stream of Light or Heavy Crude Oil within API Gravity of 29°- 42.8°, into Naphtha, Diesel, Kerosene and Fuel Oil.

Mini Refineries are ideally suited for remote locations and are viable for Investments by Private and Public Sector Groups as a source of rapid production of primary fuel products and raw materials for Petrochemical Downstream Industries. Estimated Cost - CIF, Installation, Training, & Start-up: $14.75 million.

2. Modular 6,000 or 12,000 BPD Crude Oil Refinery Plant:
Modular Crude Oil Refinery with capacity of 6,000 BPD, complete with 3,000 BPD Catalytic Reformer/Hydrotreater can be designed to produce Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene/Aviation Fuel and Fuel Oil. The Plant can also be expanded to 12,000BPD, complete with Stabilizer Tower.

The Modular Refinery can be configured to process Crude Oils with API Gravity of 20°- 42.8°, with typical products yield as follows:

Off-gas IBD to 60 deg.F yield wt.%: 1.7% (102 BPD)
Unleaded Gasoline 60 to 350 deg.F yield wt.%: 22.7% (1362 BPD)
Kerosene (Jet) 350 to 455 deg.F. yield wt.%: 15.9% (954 BPD)
Diesel 455 to 650 deg.F. yield wt.%: 25.5% (1530 BPD)
Residual Fuel +650 deg.F. yield wt.%: 34.2% (2052 BPD)

Equipment List of a 6,000 and 12,000BPD Modular Refinery Plants & Machinery include:

a. Plants & Machinery:

  • 6,000BPD Crude Topping Unit (Distillation System)
  • Boiler System and Cooling Tower System and Stabilizer Tower
  • Blower System and Desalter System, 1 MW Power Generator System
  • Flare System and Air Compressor System, 3,000 BPD Catalytic     Reformer/Hydrotreater
  • Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings – Administrative, Project & Auxiliary
  • Internal Piping Systems and 120,000bbl Tank farm with Piping and Loading     Systems
  • Pipeline & Accessories, capable of constructing up to 10 km 6 inch dual Pipelines     connecting the Refinery Tank Farm with Crude Oil Source (1 Pipeline to carry Crude     Oil Feedstock and the other Refined Petroleum Products)
  • Water Treatment Systems & Lightning Protection Equipment
  • Ocean Freight and Transit Insurance, P&M Installation Costs and Spare Parts, etc.

    b. Local In-country Project Site Construction Components:

  • Site Survey & Clearing, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Soil Boring,     Topographical Survey, Borehole Construction, Water Analysis, Topsoil Stripping     and Stockpiling (available size of land 15-20 Hectares)
  • Fencing, Erection of Site Office and General Site Engineering Design Construction
  • Right of Way (ROW) Survey of Pipeline Route to connect the Refinery’s Tank Farm     to Crude Oil Terminal Source of up to10 km away
  • Construction of Pre-Engineered Project Buildings Foundations and Foundations for     Equipment, Plants and Machinery
  • Layout and Construction of Tank Farm Foundations
  • Installation of Pre-Engineered Project Buildings
  • Local Engineering Costs

    Total Project Cost 6,000BPD, 120,000 bbl Tank Farm and 3,000BPD Catalytic Reformer/Hydrotreater, including cost of Installation, Training, and Start-up
    $69.61 million.

    To raise the capacity to 12,000BPD with the additions of 6,000BPD Distillation Unit, 120,000 Barrels Tank Farm and 3MW Power Generators, the combined cost is estimated at $154.7 million.

    3. Integrated Natural Gas Field Gathering, LPG Processing and
        Co-Generation Power Project:

    The project will involve development of integrated Natural Gas Field Gathering, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Processing and Co-Generation Power Plant, to recover Flared Natural Gas as raw material from Oilfield Natural Gas Streams and fractionate the Gas into Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), for Commercial Bottling and Condensates - C5 + Liquid Light Naphtha, for sale as Gasoline Blend Stock, Base Feedstock for the Plastic Industry and Solvents for Paint and Chemical Industries.

    The Co-Generation Electricity Power Plant will utilize the by-product of Lean Dry Gas as fuel to power the Plant. The Integrated Plant will be designed to produce three commercial products, including 55 MW/Day of Electric Power, 4,500 BPD of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and 1,275 BPD of Condensates - C5 + Liquid Light Naphtha. Estimated Cost: CIF, Installation, Training & Start-up - $145 million.

    4. Modular Gas Gathering and Processing Plant - 5 MMSCFD of
        Mixed Natural Gas and LPG:

    The 5 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d) Natural Gas Gathering and LPG Processing Plant has capacity to produce Lean Gas suitable for use in power generation and LPG for commercial bottling. ThePlant will be skid mounted and come complete with Liquid Recovery, Field Compression Systems, Control Panel, LPG Storage, Power Generation and Pre-Engineered Control Building, etc.

    The plant will be capable of gathering Raw Natural Gas being flared from wellheads / flare-heads and piped into a holding tank. The Gas will then be processed to remove impurities and separated into components such as Propane and Butane. Estimated Cost: $38.25 million, covering CIF, Installation, Training, & Start-up.

    5. Blended Bunker Fuel and Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) Plant:

    This plant can produce Blended Bunker Fuel consisting of Gas Oil (AGO) and Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) with a capacity of 500 Barrels Per Day (BPD) or 80,000 liters per day, used for firing boilers, furnaces, air heaters, fuel for ships and power generating sets. Bunker Fuel for Ships and Vessels can be produced from residue of petroleum refining operations. Estimated Cost: CIF, Installation, Training and Start-up: From $5.25 million.

    6. Specialty Solvents Plant:

    A typical Solvents Plant utilizes Naphtha produced from the Crude Oil Refining Process as raw material for the production of commercial solvents used by the Ink, Aluminum and Paint Industries. The plant will be capable of producing Ink Oils used in the manufacture of lithographic printing inks for printing high-grade magazines, fine-quality commercial work and newspapers.

    The plant can also produce Odorless Paint Thinners and Mineral Spirits for Oil Based Paints, packed in 5 gallons, 1 gallon and quart containers. Estimated Cost – From $5.25 million for a portable solvent plant capable of producing 70,000 liters per day of mixed products, including CIF, Installation, Training and Start-up.

    7. Industrial Lubricants, Greases and Gear Oil Plant:

    The modular plant is capable of producing a mixed quantity of Industrial Lubricants, Greases and Gear Oil with a capacity of 15,000 gallons per day. The Plant will manufacture various grades of Lubricant Oils produced by blending quantities of Naphthenic base oils with various additives and packed in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails and smaller containers.

    The plant could also produce various blends of higher concentration of Lubricants, Greases and Gear Oil products. The products will be designed to have long lasting friction free coating to penetrate, protect and lubricate moving and stationary metal surfaces. Estimated Cost - CIF, Installation, Training and Start-up: From
    $4.25 million.

    8. Liquid Asphalt Production and Batch Plant:

    The Liquid Asphalt Plant can be designed to produce 1,000BPD 3,000BPD of Liquid Asphalt from Crude Oil or Fuel Oil/Residium as Raw Material. The Plant can be integrated with an Asphalt Batch Line for the production of Bituminous Pavement Materials used for Road Construction and Surfacing.

    The Batch Line will be capable of producing Hot Mix Asphalt for Road Patching & Paving by mixing aggregates with Liquid Asphalt and Cement to produce from 3 tons/hr. Bituminous Pavement Material.

    Estimated Cost - Integrated 1,000BPD Liquid Asphalt and 3 tons/hr. Batch Plant - CIF, Installation, Training & Start-up - From $8.48 million.

    9. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Filling Plant:

    The LPG Filling Plant will commercially bottle Liquefied Petroleum Gas sourced from Processing Unit of a Gas Gathering Plant or a local Crude Oil Refinery, which will be bottled for domestic consumers. The LPG Filling Plant will have capacity to bottle a mix of 600-1,500 12.5kg, 15kg & 45kg cylinders per hour.

    The Plant will come complete with 12-18 Heads Gas Filling Carousel, Piping System, Sprinkler System, Standby Power Generator, Chain Conveyor, Loading and Unloading Compressor Systems, 3 x LPG Tank Lorry Trucks and Gas Storage Tank, Pre-Engineered Factory Building, etc. Estimated Cost: CIF, Installation, Training & Start-up - $4.07 million.

    10. Natural Gas & Diesel Power Generation Projects:

    Natural Gas & Diesel Electricity Power Plants are available for installation as independent and reliable continuous-run power generating units. The capacity of each unit range between 1MW and 3.25MW designed to utilize Natural Gas connected to a pipeline from a Gas Recovery and Processing Unit or Depot as well as Diesel, as fuel to power the plants. Estimated cost: From $1.25 million.

    The Plants can be combined in multiple units to form a large power project with generating capacity of between 15MW and +100MW per location, complete with central control system allowing multiple units to function in parallel as load is added or dropped. A compact Trailer Unit of 25 MW Gas Turbine can also be supplied within 12 months of placing order. Estimated cost: From $19 million.