Scope of Our Services

Project Implementation Planning and Development:

Techmodular serves Clients’ requirements through Concept Development and Project Implementation Planning.  We work with Plants, Machinery and Equipment (P,M&E) Suppliers, Manufacturers and Vendors, as well as Technical Management Companies to facilitate successful Turnkey Execution, Start-up and Operation of related Projects.

Site Engineering and Construction:

Techmodular Engineers liaise with P,M&E Manufacturers to develop overall Site Engineering Design for respective Projects.  We work with appointed Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractors to perform Project Site Survey, Soil Test, Clearing & Leveling, Fencing and set-up of Project Site Offices.

Plants, Machinery & Equipment Procurement, Installation, On-Site Training & Start-up:

We source , procure and consolidate Plants, Machinery and Equipment  from various Suppliers to ensure successful Project implementation.  Consolidated Plants, Machinery and Equipment are then shipped to designated Project Sites for Installation,  On-site Training of Local Staff  & Project Start-up.

Plant Operations, Maintenance & Management:
We retain Expatriate Engineers from relevant  Industries on contract  to operate and manage our Clients’ Projects as well as service and maintain related Plants, Machinery & Equipment for at least  five years.  Local Management Staff are provided extensive on the job training to fully take over the responsibilities of the Expatriate Project Managers after several years.

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