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Mobile Medical Diagnostic Screening & Primary Health Care Services

Medical Boat Clinic​

Medical Technicians Training Center 

Cassava, Tomato, Corn and Sorghum Farming Projects

Mechanized Cassava Farming Project

Mechanized Tomato Farming Project

Corn/Maize Farming Project

​Sorghum Farming Project

Fertilizer Blending Plant

Commercial Cassava Processing Project

Plantain, Cassava , Potato Chips/Flakes Production Plant

​Tilapia & Catfish Indoor Fishery Project 

Fish, Shrimp & Crawfish Trawling Project

Ammonia Ice Plant 

​Fish, Crawfish & Shrimp Processing Facility

Meat Processing, Packing & Distribution Project

Poultry Farming Project 

​Poultry Processing Plant

Dredging and Commercial Sand Production Project

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Filling Plant Modular Crude Oil Refineries

Small and Medium Scale Commercial & Industrial Project

Modular Crude Oil Refineries

Natural Gas Gathering and Processing Project 

​Natural Gas & Diesel Power Projects

Solar Wafers, Cells & Modules Manufacturing Plant

Wind Turbine Assembly Plant

​VSAT-Digital Wireless Network Project

Liquid Asphalt Production and Batch Plant

Solid Mineral Mining and Processing Project

Water Bottling and Soft Drink Production Plant

Fruit Juice Extraction Plant

Micro Brewery

Tomato Paste Manufacturing Plant

​Farm Grain Storage Silos Project

​Utility Vessels for Oil & Gas Industries

​Pharmaceutical Project

​Pre-Engineered Medical Clinic & Diagnostic Center Project

Aluminum Roofing Sheets, Doors & Window Frames Production Plant

Amusement Park Project

Pre-Engineered 4 to 5 Star Hotels

Passenger, Cargo Airport and Aircraft Maintenance Facility Project

​Industrial Park & Business Incubation Projects

Pre-Engineered Micro-Concrete Duplexes & Townhouses

Pre- Engineered Steel Structured Low Cost Housing Project

​Pre-Engineered 10 Bedroom Apartment Building

​Pre-Engineered Administrative Office & Warehouse/Factory Buildings 

Viable Commercial & Industrial Projects for Development

Some of the viable and bankable Micro, Small and Medium Scale Commercial and Industrial Projects that can be established in different parts of the World include:

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